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Kuwo Music Player for PC, Android, iPhone & Windows Mobile

Kuwo is a free all-in-one music player and music downloader which allow you to find, listen and download songs in MP3 or WMA format for FREE. However, Kuwo player software is in Chinese version only. Therefore, for people who not familiar with Chinese language, kindly follow the tutorial on how to use Kuwo player.

Kuwo 2012 version is now available for free download for PC and smartphone users (Android, iPhone & Windows Mobile). By using Kuwo Music Player, you are able to download songs, lyrics and watch MV for free.

Download Kuwo 2012 version for PC

Kuwo Player for PC

Download Kuwo 2012 version for Android phone

Kuwo Player for Android

Download Kuwo 2012 version for iPhone

Kuwo player for iPhone

Download Kuwo 2012 version for Windows Mobile

Kuwo Player for Windows Mobile

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