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Cleverbot – Chatting with Artificial Intelligence Bot

Cleverbot is a smart web application that able to chat with humans using artificial intelligence technology. Users can chat to Cleverbot about anything and everything. It learns phrases entered by real humans in the conversations and responds to the people with the answer.


How to use Cleverbot?

Visit cleverbot.com and you will see the white background homepage with the search bar. Type anything you like and then press Think About It! Button. Within a few seconds, Cleverbot will give you the answer. For example, when I type “How are you?”, the bot answers “I’m alright, I guess…Why are you sad?

Cleverbot Conversation

If you are lazy to chat with Cleverbot, press Think For Me! button and the system will help you to think for next conversation. Nice!

Cleverbot Think for Me

Cleverbot App for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android

Cleverbot app for iphone, android

Cleverbot app is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android smartphones. On Android, you can speak to Cleverbot and hear its voice in reply. Cool huh! The Cleverbot app costs 99 cents in US, 79 cents in Europe and 59 pennies in UK.

Download Cleverbot app for iPhone or iPod Touch

Download Cleverbot app for Android devices


Cleverbot is an app made for entertainment and do not expect it will always give you the logical answers. Artificial Intelligence for Cleverbot is still difference from human’s logical thinking but it’s still worth a try.


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