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AirAsia X Promotion to Seoul 2012

AirAsia X launches a special promotion to Seoul, Korea where travellers can enjoy the flight with AirAsia X Premium seats at RM 799 all-in-fare only. Normally, the AirAsia x Premium seat of one-way fare from KL to Seoul is around RM 1474 but this time you can get the super deal to fly with AirAsia X Premium. Therefore, why fly economy when you can fly flat for less?

AirAsia Seoul Promotion

The booking period starts on 12 December 2011 till 29 February 2012 for travel period in between 12 December 2011 and 29 February 2012.

What is AirAsia X Premium Seats?

AirAsia X Premium Flat Bed Seats are available on all AirAsia X flights and exclusively designed for guests who are looking for sophistication, comfort and convenience. There are lots of benefits flying with AirAsia Premium such as:

a)      Ability to pre-select your preferred seat assignment.

b)      Flexibility to make unlimited flight changes (date & time) up to 48 hours prior to departure with no penalty.

c)       An exclusive Premium Flat Bed check-in aisle at the airport.

d)      Receive up to 20kg free checked baggage allowance.

e)      Board early and at your leisure.

f)       Experience more privacy and work space with no middle seats…always an aisle or a window seat.

g)      Receive a delicious complimentary meal and mineral water.

h)      Get comfortable with a premium pillow and soft blanket (for onboard use only)

i)        Delight in the first opportunity to purchase exclusive duty free and in-flight merchandise.

j)        Experience unrivalled service from the dedicated Premium Flat Bed cabin crew.

k)      Receive your checked baggage quickly after arrival.

l)        Enjoy automatic baggage transfer for certain flights.

AirAsia X Premium Seat

Now, act fast to book promotional Premium Seats fares via online booking at AirAsia.com to experience extraordinary AirAsia X Premium Flat Bed now!


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