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AirAsia Launches BIG Loyalty Programme to Reward Loyal Customers

AirAsia guests now got the chance to redeem AirAsia Free Flights to your dream destinations if you have collected at least 500 BIGGIES (RM2 = 1 BIGGIE). AirAsia just launched its global Loyalty Programme called ‘BIG’ to reward AirAsia’s customers. You can accumulate your BIGGIES or points with every transaction whenever you spend using AirAsia BIG Card.

Airasia big loyalty programme

AirAsia BIG Card is not just a normal card but also a VISA prepaid card that allows you to spend at any VISA accepted merchants worldwide.

AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme Promotion Offer:

If you are a AirAsia’s newsletter member, I believe you’ve received the email which state that if you sign up from 14 October 2011 until 13 November 2011, you will get 250 BIGGIES directly credited to your member’s card 7 days after the promotion ended.

There are many ways to earn BIGGIES (points), for example: you can purchase AirAsia flights, buy products from AirAsia Megastore, and use AirAsia Courier and book flights from AirAsia Go Holiday. Other than that, use AirAsia BIG VISA prepaid card to pay at any VISA merchants around the world also can help you to earn the BIGGIES.

Airasia visa payment card

AirAsia Loyalty Programme FAQ

1.    What is BIG?

BIG is the ‘first of its kind’ global loyalty programme where you earn BIGGIES (points) with every transaction to redeem AirAsia FREE FLIGHTS.

The BIG Card doubles as a prepaid payment card, allowing you to earn BIGGIES whenever you spend at any VISA accepted merchants worldwide and BIG Partners.


2.    Why BIG?

As a BIG Shot you enjoy special benefits when you use BIG Card including 2 times the number of BIGGIES for your own AirAsia flights. Earn double BIGGIES when you spend on petrol, groceries, phone calls or even casual travel.


3.    How and where do I apply for BIG?

Be a BIG Shot today by signing up at www.tune2big.com.

For instant updates, become our fan at facebook.com/myBIGShots or follow us at Twitter @myBIGShots


4.    How do I earn BIGGIES for AirAsia flights?

- You earn 1 BIGGIE for every RM4 spent on AirAsia flights-only purchase (with no Add-ons*).

- You earn 1 BIGGIE for every RM2 spent on AirAsia flights and Add On*.

- For Corporate, Government Premium Fares – you earn 1 BIGGIE for every RM1 spent.

*Add On services are Hot Seats, Baggage, Meal, AirAsia INSURE, and Comfort Kit.

Note: BIGGIES will not be credited for fees and taxes.

5.    If I use my BIG Prepaid VISA Card to purchase AirAsia Flights, how many BIGGIES will I earn?

You earn 1 BIGGIE for every RM2 spent using Big Prepaid VISA Card.


6.    Where and how do I redeem BIGGIES?

Our redemption is online and hassle-free. Just log in to BIG Shot Portal and start redeeming your BIGGIES.

Note: You will not be able to redeem your BIGGIES once your BIG Account is cancelled.


7.    When do I get the BIG card and how do I activate it?

Your BIG card will arrive at your doorstep within 14 to 30 working days after your application is approved.

Once you receive your BIG Card, login to the BIG Shot Portal and click on the ‘Activate’ button. You will then have to key in your BIG Card number and CVV2, then click ‘Submit’. Your card will be activated once verification is done


8.    Will my BIGGIES expire?

Your BIGGIES are valid for 36 months from the date it was credited to your account.


9.    Can I get BIGGIES for flights purchased for my friends and family using my BIG Shot ID?

Each BIG Shot ID earns BIGGIES only on flights taken by the individual BIG Shot. Encourage your friends and family to sign up for a BIG Card so they can also enjoy a variety of great offers from AirAsia and BIG partners!


10.    I booked several AirAsia flights last year for this year’s travel. Can I claim BIGGIES for these flights?

Yes. You can still earn BIGGIES provided you submit your request within 30 days after the departure date.

11.    What do I do if I have not received my BIGGIES even though my purchase transaction has been approved?

If you have not received your BIGGIES after 5 days, you can follow these simple steps for us to investigate your case:

•             Logon to BIG Shot Portal and click on AskBIG.

•             Click on the BIG Rewards icon.

•             Select the FAQ that says “What should I do if have a dispute about my BIGGIES?”

•             Click on the link to launch the web-form and fill out all details needed.

•             We will contact you within 5 working days after we have received your web-form.


12.    Why have I not been awarded BIGGIES?

You may not have been awarded BIGGIES due to the following reasons:

•             You cancelled your AirAsia flight.

•             You did not quote your BIG Shot ID when you booked your AirAsia flight.

•             Your payment failed or you did not meet the requirements of the AirAsia’s credit check.

•             Your registration was not deemed as genuine.

•             You transaction did not meet the AirAsia.com Terms and Conditions.

•             Any other reasons as determined by the respective Retailer and as may be stipulated in the BIG Terms and Conditions from time to time.


Join AirAsia Loyalty Programme now for free now at tune2big.com to start collect BIGGIES.


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